Why Rent to Buy?

Why Rent to Buy?

Our Rent to Buy Scheme is a great way to help anyone get on the property ladder or purchase a second home. It gives you the flexibility to buy your home for a fixed price and then have a term in which to complete the purchase. This can work for anybody, and especially for people that;

  • Have bad credit history and are being refused loans and mortgages.
  • Self employed and need 3 years of accounts.
  • New to the UK and need to be a resident for 18 months before being able to borrow.
  • Lack the funds for a big deposit.

​So what’s the benefits of Rent to Buy?

  • Buy your home for a fixed inflation proof price today.
  • You only need to pay a small down payment to secure your home instead of a big deposit like a traditional purchase.
  • Part of your monthly rent can go towards the purchase price, bringing down the amount you owe when you complete.
  • TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! You are not obliged to purchase the property, you can walk away at any time if your circumstances change.
  • ​Move in from day one and make the house your own.

​How does it work?

The 4 simple steps

  • ​​​​Agree a fixed price and a term in which to buy your home.
  • Pay your small down payment upfront to secure this price and term.
  • Make monthly rental payments and extra if you can, to go towards the purchase price.
  • At any point during the agreed term when you are ready, you get your own mortgage to pay the remaining balance and then own the property.


I’m sure you have some questions. Here are some of the questions we get asked all the time with the answers.

Your not buying the property straight away. After you have made your down payment and signed the paperwork to make the agreement legally binding, you will be given the keys to the property and able to move straight in. You make the monthly payments and at any point during the term of the agreement you have the option to purchase. When you are ready, you then apply for a mortgage to pay the remaining balance. However if you decide you don't want to purchase, then you can just walk away. Your not obligated to purchase. Usually 24-36 months renting like this is long enough for you to save a decent deposit and arrange a mortgage, if that’s what you want. In the meantime you can improve the house and decorate it to your taste. Let it be the home you’ve always wanted.
The purchase price is agreed at the start and won’t go up even when property prices do. If you want to add value to the property by improving it, that’s fine.
It may be possible to extend the term until values increase again.
The whole process is really simple. You won’t have to wait for a mortgage offer. Our tenant buyers are often settled in their new home within days or weeks, not months! We’ve had people move in with all the legal paperwork sorted in a couple of days before now! All the legal work is done through solicitors, but the ones we use are familiar with this kind of purchase and very efficient.
We like to look at this as try before you buy. If you change your mind duration the agreed term. You can always give the property back and walk away. No problem. We can even help you find another more suitable property. If you choose to leave, we only ask that you leave the place tidy and clean for somebody else.
The agreement states that these funds are non-refundable, so we want you to think carefully before entering into this agreement with us. You are free to walk away, but will lose what you have paid. In a traditional sale you would lose the 10% deposit payable on exchange plus costs if you pulled out.
You’ve got an agreed time period to tell us you’re ready to buy. That’s in writing before you move in. We want it to work out for you, and will do all we can to make it work. If you change your mind and just want to rent instead of buying that may be possible too.
There are lots of reasons why someone might have a poor credit report. The sad thing is it often isn’t even your fault, but it can stop home-buyers getting the best deals available. With rent to buy, you have the time needed to get it sorted!
Check out the properties we currently have for Rent to Buy or fill out our contact form with details of a property you would like to own.