We love building relationships with estate agents and working together to help sell or let properties that have been unsuccessful. We have many creative solutions to help vendors sell their property after they have tried the traditional way.

​Potential Vendor Problem

  • Mortgage arrears
  • Negative Equity
  • Emigrating
  • Divorce
  • Probate sale

​We understand that as an estate agency, you have certain targets to meet on a monthly basis and it doesn’t look good if you have properties stuck on your books. You also don’t get your commission and could be competing against other agency’s if the property doesn’t sell soon.

​By getting in contact with us and letting us find out about the vendors situation, we can work together to give you and the vendor a solution that may not of been offered by the standard retail buyer. This could potentially be an offer that gives the vendor a better deal than if they sold on the open market and it also gets the property off your books and money in your pocket. Getting deals done in this way can lead to a great long working relationship for us both.

​We also get inundated ourselves with enquires with people looking to sell. However we are not always in a position to take them on. Instead of letting them go, it would be much better if we had a local trusted agents in which we can refer them too. So by working together you can help us by bringing us deals you cannot sell and we can bring you more business with properties we are not able to buy.