Are you a Landlord looking for the perfect tenant? A tenant that looks after the property, pays the rent on time, doesn’t ring you every day with problems? They’re hard to find aren’t they?

​Or perhaps you have good tenants but just tired of being a Landlord and having all the associated responsibilities?

Let us at North Property Solutions be your tenant!!!

What makes us a better choice than anyone else?

We can offer the following;

  • Guaranteed Rent, each and every single month of the year.
  • No voids. You get paid even if the property is empty.
  • Long term leases from 1-5 years.
  • 0% management fee. We do not charge a penny for professionally managing the property.
  • We cover the cost and carry out any maintenance works needed on the property up to £1000.
  • We only let properties to our fully referenced and credit checked working and professional clients.
  • We carry out a light refurbishment on all rooms, making the property more attractive to rent and also increasing the value of the property.
  • We cover all the bills and council tax, collect rent carry out inspections of the property every month, making it very hands off and hassle free for the Landlord.

​Get in contact with us today and let us help you take the strain out of being a landlord.

​Why would you choose to be a landlord who has to manage their tenants, fix their problems and follow countless rules and guidelines? When what you could be doing is sitting back in your chair with your feet up, knowing that the rent will be hitting your bank account every single month after month without you having to lift a finger.

Surely that’s a better way to enjoy the money from your asset?

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